Building Hope. Saving Lives.

A Legacy of Hope

Violence Against Women Services Elgin County

Violence Against Women Services Elgin County offers safety, support and hope to women and their children, boys and girls, who have been abused.

In our 35-year history, Violence Against Women Services Elgin County has helped to save the lives and to change the futures of tens of thousands of women and children; with a 24-hour help line, community based counselling to help manage the hurt of abuse, specific counselling services for sexual abuse, and 24-hour safety at our Women's Place emergency shelter.

We also work to prevent violence in our next generation through education programs in area schools, partnerships with social services, workplaces and service groups, and counselling for children aged 4 to 18 whose moms have been abused.

Women's Place is the only emergency shelter in Elgin County, serving a population of 87,000 people including St. Thomas, Aylmer, West Lorne, and all points in between.

Each year, we help over 2,000 people:

  • 300+ women and children coming to the shelter for safety;
  • 250+ women helped by transition and abuse counselling services;
  • 800+ women, family and friends calling the help line for real time support; and, 
  • 650+ women, men, and children helped by our prevention through education programs and community partnerships.

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