Building Hope. Saving Lives.

Building Hope. Saving Lives.

Each year, more than 300 women and children come through the doors of Women's Place. 

At Women’s Place, we offer safety, shelter and counselling for women and children – our friends and neighbours, the colleague you have lunch with, the family on the farm next door, the child on your son or grandson’s hockey team. Each and every woman and child in need has always been able to count on Women’s Place and the support of our community. 

Yet, Women’s Place is located in a 98 year old home.

While we do the very best we can in the space we have, our building was never designed nor intended to serve the thousands who have come through its doors. There is no room for families who have experienced violence and trauma to have a bedroom of their own to heal with dignity. The backyard is tiny and does not provide the space or privacy for children to play and release the fear and worry they carry.

This is our invitation to you, to continue our work together:

Please help us build hope and save lives with the creation of a new Women's Place emergency shelter.


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