Building Hope. Saving Lives.

Government Announcement May 2015


On May 21st 2015, Dr. Helena Jaczek Minister of Community and Social Services and Deb Matthews Deputy Premier announced their governments’ investment in a new home for our community’s Emergency Shelter and Community Space.  A total of $1,930,000!!

The announcement was made to a packed Princess Ave Playhouse, with standing room only, and full of people who had given to and believed in what was possible together.  A roar went up when the announcement was made.  Excitement. Joy. Gratitude. Knowledge of why it matters.  To women. To children. To our community.

Together we will build it and celebrate all that is possible within it. 

Thank you so much!

Elgin’s Emergency Shelter is currently housed in a 99 year old single family home.  While we do the best that we can in the space that we have, it was never designed nor intended to serve the 1,000s of women and children who have come through its doors.  To help women and children heal from the effects of abuse we needed more space.  The kind of space that ensures dignity – where each family has a room of their own to share, not with strangers but with one another.  The kind of space where children can play and release the fear and worry that they carry.  The kind of space where our community can come together, to dialogue, to cook to sustain each other and the families we serve, and to work to create the change we seek to ensure communities free from harm and abuse.

We asked you to help make this vision a reality with gifts of a $1 million dollars.  On June 3rd 2014 we celebrated together your generous gifts of $1,125,000!!

We asked the Province of Ontario to continue its life changing partnership with our agency and invest $1,930,000 in the creation of the new home.  The full amount was granted.  We are so grateful.  We can now begin to build and in the summer of 2016 celebrate again.  This is where our new journey together begins.



Aylmer Area Community Foundation Keeps on Giving!


On December 19, the Aylmer Area Community Foundation donated an additional $5,000 for a total of $10,000 to Building Hope Saving Lives. It is heartening to have their support as they ensure there is a safe place for women and children to go in Elgin County. Your generosity is incredible! Thank you!


Gore Mutual and Omni Insurance Brokers Make a Difference in Our Community


On October 17, Gore Mutual and the St. Thomas Branch of Omni Insurance Brokers gave $2,000 towards creating Women's Place - Elgin's Emergency Shelter. this money will help ensure that women and children all over Elgin County will have 24 hour shelter and safety.

The Gore Mutual Insurance Foundation is proud to support Canadian Communities and help make a difference.


St. Thomas City Council Donation!


On June 26, 2014, Mayor Heather Jackson presented a cheque of $50,000 to Building Hope Saving Lives, on behalf of the St. Thomas City Council. Thank you for generously investing in our community! The donation was part of the total announced at our gala earlier in the week. Thank you for continuing to support women and children on their journey to healing and hope.


Building Hope Saving Lives - The Celebration!

On June 24, we came together to celebrate the kindness and generosity of our community. One year ago the initiative called Building Hope Saving Lives was launched to create a new home for our community’s Emergency Shelter for women and children fleeing abuse – Women’s Place.  Since then, hundreds of community came together to make this possible.



Donald Beattie and Janice Terprstra from CIBC's St. Thomas Branch presented a donation of $5,000 to help create the space for the dignity and play that is so necessary for healing from harm and abuse. CIBC is a wonderful supporter of the St. Thomas community and involved in many initiatives to help and support many great causes.



Thank you to Trudy and Nick Kanellis, owners of the Wayside Dining Lounge in Talbotville for their generous donation of $10,000 to provide safety and shelter for the women and children in our community. the Wayside Dining Lounge has been serving families in our area since 1936 and are one of the oldest restaurants in SW Ontario. We also thank the Wayside for providing the lovely food for our celebration!



Dowler-Karn, St. Thomas office, donated a generous $10,000 to Building Hope Saving Lives. Dowler-Karn has been a successful family run business since 1943 with many locations throughout SW Ontario. Thank you for extending your kindness and support to ensure women and children have a new Emergency Shelter - Women's Place.



The London & St. Thomas Association of Realtors gave $25,000 to ensure a safe place for women and children in our community. They are actively involved in the communities they serve with a focus on ensuring shelter and protection to improve the quality of life. Thank you for your continued support!



Greg Tarry from Doug Tarry Custom Homes donated $25,000 to ensure the women and children in our community have a home - Women's Place Emergency Shelter. Doug Tarry Homes was founded in 1954 and has won 7 awards from the Canadian Home Builders Association. shelter and homes are their business and they have made the dreams of many throughout our community possible.



The Dorothy Palmer Estate has given an additional $30,000 for a total of $130,000 to ensure that children have what they need t heal. What an amazing legacy to leave! Thank you for your gift of safety and hope!


As a result of the kiness and generosity today and throughout the year from so many people who have given to Building Hope Saving Lives, we are happy to announce that our community has invested wholeheartedly in the creation of a new home for Women's Place Emergency Shelter with $1,100,000 given! Thank you for accepting the invitation to continue together our life saving legacy!

Celebration of Building Hope Saving Lives video